Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jesus Sandals

I have a dilemma.

I want to buy nice, pretty shoes but I have to wear Orthotics which means I can only wear something which is closed at the back and has a strap to keep the shoe on my foot.

The dilemma is that I didn't wear Orthotics until last year and therefore CAN actually wear said nice, pretty shoes but this will no doubt screw up my alignment. I know this because I wore flip flops for a whole weekend and managed to twist my knee getting in the car.

I CANNOT for the life of me find attractive shoes that fit the bill!! I could become a shoemaker but presumably it would take some time to master that particular craft. I could design some shoes and have someone make them but I'm pretty sure that will cost the earth.

What's a girl to do, I ask you?

I love shoes and now I can't wear them I want them all the more! I should in theory love my knee more as it actually keeps me upright (when its not dislocating itself) but knees are not really very attractive things, are they?

On the plus side, I am having Lasagne and garlic bread for supper - WOOOOOO!

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