Thursday, 16 May 2013

Smolov - Week 2, Day 2

I'm still surviving the Smolov although last night was TOUGH.

I think after last week I got a bit too cocky about it but I came back down to earth with a bang last night.  Although, that is the high rep sets out of the way for the week so hopefully I will make it through!

Eating is definitely key - if there is no fuel that bar is not going to squat itself.  I've also been taking BCAAs before and after training however I have a bit of an issue with swallowing pills so last night I had to put them in my protein (I'm such a girl) - 6 bullet sized tablets twice a day is stressful!  Ok, so they're probably not actually bullet sized but they might as well be...

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Smolov - Week 1 Day 2

Like a boss!

I did want to stay in bed this morning and have a slight twinge in my knee but all in all I think it went ok.  Bring on Friday!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Smolov - Week 1 Day 1

So, just to give myself a wee bit of a challenge I have embarked on a Smolov cycle to improve my front squat.  Day one went fine and was finished off nicely with some BCAAs, a protein shake and a BBQ'd steak and veg - yum, yum, YUM.

That was on Monday.  It is now Wednesday and I am just about to leave work to tackle Week 1 Day 2.  I am optimistic (foolish perhaps?) and ready to go bust out my 5 sets of 7.  Ain't nothing but a peanut...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It's That Time of Year Again

Well.  This didn't go quite as planned, did it?

It is now mid December and the usual winter blues have set in and to be perfectly honest I am a miserable bitch right now.  I have yet another head cold and I can't be arsed with anything or anyone.  I am currently blaming my hormones but I know really that it is just me and my lack of motivation.  Having read my previous posts I seemed very optimistic earlier in the year.  Which got me wondering where did it all go wrong?  Did it go wrong or was I just pretending then in the hope that I'd wake up one fine day with the birds twittering in the trees and a song in my can laugh, that was most definitely sarcasm.  I could really use a sarcasm font.

Rather than whinge on I am going to do some work which is what I'm supposed to be doing.

Maybe I'll see you again next year.

Ho Ho Ho.

Monday, 4 July 2011


I discovered this today:

Due to my apparently rampant hormones I laughed so much I cried. I NEED a big metal chicken in my life!

p.s  We had 2.5 dead birds over the weekend.  (I managed to get the cat off of one of them and put it outside.  I hope it flew away and she didn't just go out and eat it later.)

Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Week in Numbers

Live Mice - 2
Half Eaten Mice - 1
Discarded Mouse Tail - 1

I love my cat. I'm hoping that now that she has mastered capturing and killing that she will eat it outside too and not bring them into the house. The conversation last night went like this:-

Neil: Do you still want a coffee

Me: Yes, please

(He duly goes to the kitchen)

Neil: Eughhhh that's disgusting

(Stomping to the bathroom)

Me: What?

Neil: I just stepped on a dismembered mouse (he was barefoot!)

I watched a very good documentary the other night, not something I do often. I think this is the iplayer link, but I could be wrong!

Monday, 27 June 2011

In Search of a Mountain

Turns out the short courses in art may not be the way forward. I'm still deciding.

My knee has popped out twice in the last week....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

On the plus side I ran approx 4.5k on Saturday which did make my knee sore and tear something in my calf, however, my fitness is much better than I thought it was. Yay!

I'm in a shit mood today. I'm bored people. I need a mountain to climb - I just don't know what sort of mountain I want...or...I'm too scared to make the decision in case it is the wrong one.

I had hoped to try and compete in October so that I would have a goal but I can't because I have a wedding the same day as the competition. There is a 10k I could train for in September but as much as it would be an achievement I'm seriously concerned about f*cking up my knee good and proper.

I started peeling the wallpaper in my kitchen yesterday, I'm going to regret that come the end of this week. I did it in the hope that it would inspire me to keep going with it but I've got so much on during the week that I don't want to spend my whole weekend knee deep in soggy bits of wallpaper. It does need done though. Quite badly. And it will probably look good once its finished. Maybe that should be my 'hill' for the moment.

This is the least interesting post ever. Oh well. No one reads it anyway so I suppose it doesn't matter. I thought we were going to get some mouse hoovering action the other night but it wasn't to be.

I am currently contemplating the purchase of something chocolatey. It has to be done. It's Monday after all. What else is there to do? Apart from the pile of work that is sitting on my desk of course...