Monday, 25 April 2011

Here Goes...Something

This is the one I thought I lost. Turns out blogger is super efficient an saved it as a draft! Woohoo!

(Now that I've built it up you will be sorely disappointed)

I set up this blog in 2009. I've not done very well so far!

However, I am going to make an attempt to post something everyday in a bid to 'release my creativity' (yes, that does sound pretentious). It might be utter crap but it will be something.

Today, I am posting this. Will this do? Is it enough? Do I have to provide some kind of smart/interesting/profound nugget of wisdom for the internet?

I think that's me done for the day.

Better start thinking about what to do tomorrow....

p.s - as part of today's post I will also be changing my design, it may change a lot in the future - I discovered the other day that I can't commit to a favourite colour. At the moment it is orange.

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